Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Noob muscle ups & back day

Haven't done muscle ups since last year. Day 2 of muscle up practice for 2012. Still a noob but I'll be working on it. Just happy that I got them back after not trying them for a year now. lol Here's my first set I did entering the gym. Had better sets after though.


Beginning of the workout I was doing a bunch of sets of muscle ups and pull ups. Didn't keep track but was just basically doing a bunch of them. After that I hit deadlifts.



225lbs - 3 sets x 10 reps

Lat pull downs

Set 1 120 x 10
Set 2 140 x 8
Set 3 140 x 7
Set 4 120 x 10

DB Rows
60lbs - 3 x 10 (slow&controlled)

Hit biceps after but don't remember what weight I was using. Did preacher curls and standing barbell curls.

Overall had a really good pump and great backworkout. Mind muscle connection was fantastic for everything. Really focused on feel today.

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