Thursday, June 9, 2011

Back in from my rest week. Legs

So I'm back from my week off. During the week off I spent a lot time with my girlfriend and her family. Also actually started flipping again for the past 3 days. It's been a while. lol. Went to skyhigh with my gf and her family yesterday, it was pretty fun. Wish I had more moves to pull on the trampoline. Oh well. So I had a total of about 186 hours away from gym. Yes I calculated it. I'm glad I'm back in the gym. Been packing on a little fat because I haven't been burning up calories due to the rest week. So here's my day.

Warm up:

1 set 45lbs x 10
1 set 95lbs x 10
1 set 135lbs x 10

work set w/2min rest between sets:

Set 1 - 185lbs x 10
Set 2 - 205lbs x 5 drop 135lbs x 5
Set 3 - 185lbs x 5 drop 135lbs x 5
Set 4 - 155lbs x 10 reps

Leg extensions:
plate #55 3xfailure

Calve extensions:
plate #7 3xfailure

Workout lasted from 2:10pm-2:35pm. Felt like throwing up during this workout because I drank a shake I made with milk, 1 scoop ON whey, and  3 oreos about 30-40min was too creamy.  Also I've been feeling like my squats have been weaker..I'm pushing less weight and I believe it's because I've been going lower and because I had a phase in which I was experimenting with my squats such as doing front squats with back squats on the same day, a day with just front squats, back squats descending pyramid, back squats with drop sets on every set, etc... It's been getting so mixed up I don't even know exactly where my leg strengths truly stand. Lesson learned. But it was good for keeping constant soreness post-leg days and shocking the quads for growth. I think from now on I'm just going to stick with a simple ascending pyramid styled back squat session for leg days. I should film my next leg workout.

Tomorrow is chest!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rest week

I've been consistent since February 4th. So now I'm taking a break. Why? Because I felt like my body needs it and it'll help me from feeling any plateau. And because of this link. So from February 4th up till now I have gained half an inch on my arms(14 to 14.5) and I've gained 10lbs(150-160). I recently had my body fat % checked in 2 different methods and the current recordings labeled me between 12.6%-14% bodyfat. I don't feel it's too bad at the moment because I'm still bulking. I've increased strength in every movement from when I started till now as well. Can't wait to see what other progresses I'll be making in the next couple months! February 4th-June 9th was the length of my consistency. I'll be hitting the gym again on June 10th. Gonna come back harder, wiser, and stronger! For now, I'll just be taking care of my diet. I miss the gym already. :(

also, Happy Birthday Hanh Champion!