Sunday, September 1, 2013

What's in MY gym bag?

"What's in my gym bag?" post inspired by my buddy from IG @workout2eat 
1 ) Foam roller from DICKS Sporting Goods for self myofascial release/deep tissue massage to make muscles more elastic for greater mobility preworkout and for recovery post workout. 
2 ) Inzer Forever Lever 10mm Powerbelt from for stability and safety during lifts. (I care about longevity)
3 ) Harbinger gloves from 24hr fitness to reduce calluses.(gf doesn't like me holding hands with her with calluses)
4 ) Nike Romaleos from for solid stability, an increased comfortable and more natural depth and increased emphasis on quads. 
5 ) Precision Engineered portable funnel from Vitamin World to bring my preworkout with me.
6 ) 7th gen iPod from target and Kinivo bth240 wireless headphones from for music. 
7 ) Precision Engineered blender bottle from vitamin world for postworkout shake. 
8 ) Chalk for a strong and tight grip instead of using straps for a more natural feel and no readjustment needed if weights wiggle around, also easier to just grab the bar since no set up is needed. 
9 ) Harbringer dipping belt from to help me easily add more resistance on weighted dips and weighted pull ups. 
These are currently what I use for gym. I'll be ordering knee sleeves, a lacrosse ball and wrist wraps in the future. I have no problem with investing in myself if it helps me be safe, more mobile and perform better. #investinyourself


If you guys aren't following me on Instagram(@neilvegetadang), here are some updates of the things going on in my life.

Yes, I'm competing in my very first powerlifitng meet on September 14th, 2013 at Metroflex in Long Beach. I wasn't planning to at first, but my brother got me into it and one of my bestfriends Cal La(Chris) is doing it so I'm doing it. I'll be doing the 165lbs weight division in the 20-23 age group. I know I won't set any records, but I'm doing this to hit my own PR's and to beat my buddy Cal. ;)

Stocked up on LoA(Legends of Aesthetics) Stringers. I won't be wearing them till I'm shredded again though. Thanks Matt Ogus( and Chris Lavado( for these awesome stringers!

Oh, and got a new car. :) 2013 Scion FR-S.

^Poverty macros at it's finest. Thanks for viewing!

-Neil V. Dang


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