Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday October 1st

Had major terrible sleep the night before. I blame the green tea extract pill I took at 6pm. Caused me to stay up till 5am, then I was finally about to sleep. Woke up and felt like shit, but still had a decent chest workout. Incline DB strength increased. :)

Barbell Bench Press - 205lbs 3x4
Incline DB press - 70lbs x 6, 80lbs 2x6
Machine chest flies - 180lbs x 6, 190lbs 2x6
Half tabata set of push-ups
quick cardio - tabata set of jump rope

Sunday October 2nd

Pull ups - bodyweight 1x10, 45lbs 1x4 -> dropset to bodyweight for 6, 25lbs 1x4 ->dropset to bodyweight for 4
Ronny Rockel rows - 3x10,15,15(focused a lot on the mind muscle contraction, this version of rows works much better for me than the barbell.) Definitely going to increase the weight next week. Only did this weight to focus on form and feel since it was a new move to me.
^weight used for Ronny Rockel Rows

Lat Pull downs - 150lbs 3x6
Seated Cable Rows using a wide D-handle bar - 135lbs 2x10
Cardio - Treadmill for 25 minutes.
^25 minutes of cardio, 300 calories according to monitor. I can feel my cardio endurance building up. Going to increase the pace next time.

October 15 Pictures comparisons to Septermber 26

Definitely making progress.

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