Friday, December 30, 2011

My Road to abs. End of Year Update.

Alright, so here's an update for today. In September I was 163lbs, carrying a LOT of fat. I have since then dropped 18lbs and am now at 145lbs. I achieved this fat loss by incorporating proper nutrition, the Max-OT weight training program(, cardiovascular training, and tabata protocol. On the last week of October I got employed and have been working a lot. This month I've started to work full-time so it's really hard for me to make time for meals and gym. My Gym pass expired in November and I was out of gym for about 3-4 weeks. I then renewed my gym pass this month and just got back in on December 18th. Now moving along, the progress pictures shown below are over a period of 96 days(September 26th-December 30th). Please excuse the undies. Let's be mature here.


NOVEMBER 2nd 2011

And this last picture is from today, 
DECEMBER 30th, 2011

The routine I had looks like this:
Sunday - Back
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Shoulders & Traps
Wednesday - Arms
Thursday - Legs
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Chest
*I do abs and cardio whenever I get the chance. Abs will be trained once to twice a week. Cardio will be done 4-5 times a week light-moderate

I'm now at 145lbs, lost 18lbs from September 26. Still trying to get leaner. I'm just really happy that I can now see my abs. I don't get embarrassed from having a bloated stomach that comes past my chest when I go out anymore. No one believed me when I told them I was fat because they didn't see what I looked like behind a shirt. I was too ashamed of the amount of fat I've put on when I let myself go. But now I don't have to worry about that. I'm happy with my results and my girlfriend is happy with my results. That's all that matters really. :) The only supplement I'm taking right now is Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Cookies & Cream Flavor(the best I've had so far), Carbo-Gainer from NOW, and multi-vitamins that I get from costco. I did take the green-tea extract fat burner from september 26-november 11th(when my gym pass expired). But I no longer use it anymore. Well there you go, that's my progress.

P.S. Another way of getting myself motivated was that I didn't want to be this guy.


  1. wow, nice transformation man in such small time frame.

    Lol @ statement about gf making you fat. I say that to my girlfriend too.

  2. thanks man! and yea she likes eating junk food lol

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