Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years Everyone!

Thanks for all the facebook messages and positive feedback about my progress. Instead of constantly repeating my diet to you guys individually I'll post it up here. I don't remember much of what my meals were like before, but it ended up looking like this.


Meal one:
Protein shake first thing upon waking

Meal two:
30-40 minutes after protein shake, 5 omega-3 eggs and oatmeal

Meal three:
Pre-workout meal - Oatmeal or 4-6oz chicken breast with brown rice

Meal four:
Immediately post-workout - Whey Protein Isolate mixed with Carbo-gainer

Meal five:
30-40 minutes after post shake - 4-6oz Chicken Breast & vegetables

Meal six:
4-6oz Chicken Breast & vegetables

Meal seven:
4-6oz Chicken Breast & vegetables

Meal eight:
Before sleeping, Casein Protein Shake.

*Fruits go in between meals randomly as snacks. I like to eat apples, bananas, oranges, and grape for fruits.


This becomes hard to explain, so I'll post a link here for you guys to see it. I followed the Max-OT(overload training) method ( Basically lifting heavy and intense. I keep my weight training sessions VERY short at 40 minutes max. I always kept the rep ranges primarily at 4-6 having the final rep be failure due to the choice of a heavy weight. The first of cardio I was doing 10 minute sessions, 2nd week 15, 3rd week 20, basically increasing 5 minutes each week keeping the same pace. This worked well for me and has given me the results you see today. My strength actually increased from the MAX-OT program even though I was LOSING weight and CUTTING carbs. Which was strange, but I loved it. :) Any questions just feel free to ask me here or on Facebook. Thank you.

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