Monday, January 16, 2012

The Fat Loss Diet

Hey everyone, just thought I'd post a visual of my diet. Basically these are the sorta meals I have throughtout the day for my fat loss goals just to give you a better idea. Here it goes.

Immediately after waking and brushing my teeth. 1 Scoop of Whey Protein to get the body into an anabolic state. Peanut Butter for healthy fats and protein. A slice of bread for fiber, healthy goods, and fuel.

4-6oz of water, funnel for the protein powder, then shake it up.

Immediately after this waking call is done, I take a multi-vitamin.

About 30-40 minutes later, Three Omega-3 eggs for it's health benefits and protein. Health benefits can be found here 

Then about an hour later, oatmeal for pre-workout fuel.(40 minutes pre-workout to be exact)

Also took green tea extract pre-workout for increase metabolism(moar fat burn!) and caffiene in it for workout focus. Just got back on green tea extract today actually. Man I love the focus I get from it. My body doesn't really ever get caffiene.

Then Post-workout I had a protein+carbohydrate shake. Protein for obvious reasons and carbo-gain to replenish lost glycogen. Shake consists of 12oz of water, one scoop carbo-gain, and two scoops of whey powder.

35-40 minutes later, post-workout meal! 4oz chicken and 4oz sweet potato!

2 hours after that, 4 oz chicken, some broccoli and cauliflower.

2.5 hours after that, I have my next meal at work. 6oz of chicken this time and moar brocolli!

After work I Immediately head to my girlfriend's house for 7oz of chicken breast and a bit of random strawberries(strawberries not shown).

And as I'm about to sleep soon, I'll be having my delicious cookies and cream. 8oz of water and 1 scoop of Casein for feeding my muscles protein as I sleep.

This pretty much sums up what my daily meals look like! Also, had my bodyfat checked with my buddy Tuan Vu today at bella terra 24 before hitting chest. Today skin caliper said I was 8%, and Omron Electronic Body Fat Analyzer says I'm 8.9%. I'm at 5'5" 146lbs as of today. I was 21% when I had it checked a few months back with my buddy Anthony Tran. That means I dropped 12-13% body fat since then. Woo progress!

And a quick look at today's chest session:

Flat Bar Bench Press
Set 1: 195x6
Set 2: 195x4
Set 3: 190x4, dropset 135x6

Incline DB press
Set 1-3: 70x4

Seated Chest Flies
Don't remember. But it was a fantastic contraction.


  1. Hey Neil, I noticed for awhile that you cut out a good amount of carbs, while keeping your protein intake high, along with the essential fats needed daily from peanut butter, etc. Did you keep doing this the entire 96 days, or did you carb cycle?