Thursday, January 26, 2012

The "Take Alongs"

So on days where I go out or whenever I have work, I prep meals a day or two before and it looks something like the picutre above. Basically just eating clean and saving money. I have a Disneyland Annual Pass which I love using and abusing. In other words, I go to Disneyland a lot with the girlfriend now but the food there is just too expensive. For the price of a turkey leg, I could be using that money for mutiple meals such as what you see up top. Anyway point of this post is simply to say that eating clean can also help you save money. And prepping meals can help you save time. Anyway I'm currently on my rest week until next wednesday, February 1st. My current goals as of now is to get as lean as I can. Then afterwards I plan on BULKING cLEAN and properly. I really don't wanna pack on lots of fat but I would love to gain strength and size while retaining definition and ab visibilty.

ZZZleep well, Eat cLEAN, and train HARD!

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