Monday, January 2, 2012

First chest day of 2012

Trying to get my strength back to where I was before my gym pass expired. This is my 3rd week back in the gym since I've renewed my pass. Increased from last week but still not where I was before. :( Didn't feel as focused today as usual, not sure why. But still had a good pump.

Warm up:
Push ups - 15 reps
Pull-ups - 10 reps
Flat barbell press - 115lbs x 10, then 135lbs x 10

Barbell Bench Press:
Set 1: 205 x 4
Set 2: 205 x 2, dropset -> 155lbs x 6
Set 3: 185lbs x 4

Incline DB Press:
Set 1: 70 x 6
Set 2: 70 x 6
Set 3: 60 x 6-8? don't remember..

Cable Flies:
3 sets with both ends at number 20
Incline: 15 reps
Parallel: 10 reps
Decline: 10 reps with rest pause technique from rep 8 to 10.

Warm-up more thoroughly and don't rush warm-ups.

*Scrolled down and saw my strength for chest on October 1st.
"Barbell Bench Press - 205lbs 3x4
Incline DB press - 70lbs x 6, 80lbs 2x6
Machine chest flies - 180lbs x 6, 190lbs 2x6
Half tabata set of push-ups
quick cardio - tabata set of jump rope"

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