Monday, January 30, 2012

Current Motivation

I'm truly motivated by this article from Simply Shredded. Pham's 9 years of training hard and clean dieting. The level of leanless and muscle mass looks great and natural to me. I thought his transformation was pretty impressive so I figured I'd share it. Anyway,  Feb 1st(wednesday) will be my fresh start from my rest week. School has started so now it's time to balance school, work, gym, girlfriend, Kayden, and family. Here's some random pictures.

I'm truly in LOVE with my girlfriend's omelette's. Made with egg whites, 2 slices turkey bacon, loads of mushroom, chives, 2 slices swiss cheese, and half an avacado. It was so DELISH! :)

Over the weekened I had a roadster night out with my buddies Lyndon(white s2k) and Nick(silver s2k). My miata was forever alone. lol

Yes, back to the slammed life. Can't believe I missed it. I used to drive a slammed celica, then I sold it to get a miata. Missed living the lowlife so I got coils for it. 

P.S. I wanna try this...

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