Monday, August 27, 2012

Can't wait to bulk!

An excellent video discussing maintaining strength & increasing strength on a caloric deficit. Wish I had seen this sooner before I started my cutting phase. Many more informative videos can be found at If you guys haven't heard of Matt Ogus, you NEED to check out his channel and facebook page @ He's also the one that has introduced IIFYM(If It Fits Your Macros) to me and has made a big impact in changing my perspective of lifting and eating.

Also just wanted to say that I may be starting my bulking phase either September 25th or October 9th. Why on these days? Because they are the days where I'm not busy with work or school so that I'm able to head to Power-Ful up in Mission Viejo to get my weight and body fat percentage checked with this awesome machine. It'll also give me some more time to lean out. I would say that my current frame is lean enough to start the bulking phase as I have stripped off a LOT of fat as seen in my before and after pictures. But just to be sure I'm going to cut for a few more weeks. I decided to not keep cutting all the way through with my brother because I'm not competing like he is so there's no need for me to get THAT shredded. This time I won't make the mistake of the "see-food" diet(eating everything you see. I'm going to be at a caloric surplus of 100 for the first 2-3 weeks to see if I make any weight gain off that. Every 2 weeks I will be heading to Power-Ful to monitor my stats. Goal is to increase muscle mass while still trying to keep bodyfat levels low. Let's hope this goes well! It's all about trial & error!  
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