Thursday, February 7, 2013

Some current PR's & updates of 2013 thus far

Current Weight during PRs: 150lbs @ 5'5"

Current Macros: 2750cals, 61f/344c/206p.

Current Supplements:
Pre-w/o: Muscle Prime by All Max
Protein: Syntha-6 isolate by BSN
Carbs: Carbo Gain by NOW
Creatine: Cell-Mass 2.0 by BSN
Intra/anytime BCAA's: AminoX by BSN

Comparison shots:

Left: September 27, 2012 133lbs, Right: January 27, 2013 150lbs.
+17lbs in 4 months using IIFYM. Ab lines still maintained during this controlled bulk.

Left: 150lbs in February 2011, Right: 150lbs in January 2013.
Same weight, different physiques. Holding much more muscle mass now compared to before.
Dirty "see"food bulk vs. Controlled IIFYM bulk.

2/6/13 405lbs deadlift x 1 first ever attempt. The session went like this:
Warm-up, 2 sets Lat pull downs w/70lbs x 8

Work sets:
bodyweight x 5
45lbs x 5
45lbs x 2, dropset to bodyweight by 3
25lbs x 5
25lbs x 5


Came into the gym thinking I was only going to do multiple sets of 315 for reps. But my buddy Arnold Hwang persuaded me to go for a 1mr. Glad I did!

2/5/13, First Day at Gold's Gym, Fullerton. Great leg daymy buddies Matt Rojana, Mark Sanchez & Mylene Montoya. PR'd 315lbs squat. Only had 3 hours of sleep the night before from 7am-10am. Was unable to sleep due to taking 2 servings of ON Platinum-Pre the night before when hitting chest with my buddy Jonny Cage. Never again..Only had 1 meal 6 hours prior to this attempt as well. If my tensor faciae latae wasn't injured along with adequate sleep and more meals, I know for a fact my mind and body would've performed this much better with a greater range. Next time!

January 22nd or 23rd.. 2013
Chest day w/Arnold Hwang. Arnold is a MONSTER!! Amazing chest strength. He reps 100lbs w/Dumbbells full range on incline & flat like cake..

1/19/13. Got to meet 2012 Mr. Olympia PHIL HEATH!! AKA THE GIFT!! He is HUGE and very humble! 

All them free samples from the LA fit expo ;)

That's pretty much all I've got to update with! :)

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