Sunday, February 20, 2011

First Blog

Alright so I decided to make this blogspot to keep myself updated on my training progress. Anyway I'm going to make this quick, these are some before and after pictures..CURRENTLY: I'm 5 feet 5 inches, weighing at 150lbs.

This first picture was in 2006..I was 16 years old. Arms were about 10 inches and weighted less than crap genetics and ectomorph frame..

Here I am again at 19 years old. This was in 2009.

These next 2 photos are 2010, arms are at 13 1/2 here and I got lean..

This is my latest photo of February 19th, 2011. I KNOW that I currently look like crap but hey, this is all about progress. Like I said I've been on and off and eating bad for awhile. But now I know better. Give it a few months/years and you'll see my transformation! "DO NOT QUESTION MY ABILITIES! I AM NOW A SUPER SAIYAN BUT I WON'T STOP THERE! I WILL ASCEND!" - Vegeta

Currently I am at exactly 150lbs, at 14 inch arms. Definitely packed on a lot of fat. :(

Check out his blog, he's a beast and was the one who inspired me to do make this blogspot. I started working out AFTER high school in September 2008 at my colleges gym, but I lacked a lot of knowledge and was inconsistent. But since February 4th 2011 I've been consistent and am now eating properly and training harder. I don't expect to results in a few weeks, I'm expecting real results within 6 as of August 6th I will see how far 6 months can take me. Currently the only supplements I'm taking is 100% Whey from cytosport purchased at Costco and N.O.-xplode from BSN. I LOVE N.O.-xplode. 

So today I trained Chest with Phyman @ 24fitness. NOTE: Back then when I trained chest I limited my range of motion and never went down all the way. I was always bending only to 90 degrees. This was a MISTAKE. Although I was able to lift more with that range, I realized how much lighter I had to go when I went all the way down. But I now fixed this for a few months and I LOVE using the full range of motion. I go all the way down as low as I can to feel a good stretch and press to the top and contract at the top, still not locking my elbows but keeping them stiff at the top. Anyway, today was the first time I have ever done dumbbell presses.
Warmed up first with 2 sets, 10 reps, 30lbs dumbbells on the flat. 

Today's routine:
 Flat Dumbbell Presses
5 sets
Set 1 50lbs 10 reps
Set 2 60lbs 10 Reps
Set 3 70lbs till Failure
Set 4 70lbs till Failure
Set 5 70lbs till Failure.

Incline Barbell Press
4 sets 135lbs
Set 1 10
Set 2 10
Set 3 Failure
Set 4 Failure
Set 5 (95lbs) till Failure

Decline Barbell Press
4 Sets 135lbs
Set 1 10
Set 2 till failure
Set 3 till failure
Set 4 till failure

Cable Flies and push ups
5-6 Sets till Failure. Had cables set on number 7 and 6.

I'm definitely increasing the weight on the dumbbell presses next chest day.

Note: When I say till failure, it's usually 4-8 reps to the point where I can't push anymore.

By the way as sad as this sounds, I had only just recently learned to cook chicken and eggs from my younger brother phyman. My current meal plan is to eat every 2-3 hours. I have only recently understood the importance of eating/dieting's VERY CRUCIAL and important..

Breakfast: 1 scoop whey protein, oatmeal, 4 eggs
Pre-workout: Oatmeal and N.O.-Xplode
Immediate Post-workout: 2 scoops whey protein, muti-vitamin.
Post-workout meal: Usually rice and chicken breasts
Prior to sleep: Cottage Cheese for casein protein and a protein shake.

My meals look like this.

Steak, eggs, veges.

Chicken and scrambled eggs.

cuts of beef, rice, scrambeled eggs, shake

Rice, veges, an egg, steak.

whey blueberries and milk.

In the morning and postworkout I mix my whey with water. Before sleep I mix it with milk because milk contains casein. 

So, in case you're wondering. I picked the name Vegeta because him and I have things in common besides our height, widows peak, and spikey hair. Vegeta's my ABSOLUTE favorite character in Dragonball Z. He's determined as heck, persistent, and does whatever he can to ascend and get stronger. That's exactly what I want to do. I gotta get BUFF! lol. That's all for today.

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