Thursday, February 24, 2011

Got super sick today but trained Legs..

Been coughing all day and feeling sleepy..but went to the gym and trained legs, couldn't push as hard as I did last week but pushed my hardest. Here was my leg workout for today.

Barbell Squats
2 sets warm up
65lbs 10 reps
95lbs 10 reps

5 Sets
155lbs 10 reps
3x 185lbs till failure(5-8 reps..usually able to do more but was too sick and tired even with N.O. :( )
1 set 135lbs 10 reps 

Tried a set of Leg Presses with 270lbs but felt like barfing. 

5 Sets Leg Extensions
Plate Number 72, sets till Failure.

Seated Calve Raises
5 Sets 70lbs till Failure

Would've done deadlifts for hamstrings and lower backbut felt toooo ill... 

That's it for today!

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