Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Single digit at last! Day 1 of bulking.

So today is the official first day of my bulk phase. Macros are set to (50%c,30%p,20%f) 309g carbs, 186g protein, 55g fat. Caloric surplus of 200 calories over my maintenance. I love the fact that I can eat more now.. :) I went to Power-Ful this morning and got my bodyfat checked again. I am now at 136.6lbs, 9.6% bodyfat as of today 09/18/12. Started off at 143.8lbs, 16.1%. Lost 7.2lbs & 6.5% bodyfat! FINALLY a single digit bf%! I am living PROOF that IIFYM works!!! Just count your dang macros! Each time I go, my stats are printed out by the machine that analyzes me. So just to show you guys what sort of information gets analyzed, I took some photos of the papers shown below. Timeline for ya'll to see my progress!

July 30, 2012
143.8lbs - 16.1% bodyfat

August 15, 2012
141lbs - 14.6% bodyfat

August 28, 2012
139.4lbs - 13.8% bodyfat

September 6, 2012
138lbs - 13.2% bodyfat

September 18, 2012
136.6lbs - 9.6% bodyfat

Chest day video with my fellow wolfbrah Daniel Keovongsa


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  1. Wow man, impressive. Keep that muscle mass goin up!