Monday, November 12, 2012

Quick Update - 6 weeks + 4 days of bulking so far

So an update from my previous post, I actually got leaner 9 days after that post...because my metabolism jumped like crazy and pretty quick due to the transition of macros. I actually ended up at 133lbs, 7.5% body fat on September 27, 2012 when I went to Power-Ful. As of today I am now 142lbs at 9% bodyfat. Before the macro-cutting I was 143 at 16%. You can see that my lean/slow bulk has been working! Weighing nearly the same now with 7% less body fat. So on the 27th of September I changed my macros to 2700 calories, 338c/60f/203p. This has been the setup I've stuck to for the past 6 weeks and 4 days. So far so good! Strength has been going up for every lift each training session. Workouts are still within a one hour time frame but most of the time they don't go beyond 45 minutes. I have a log/notebook which I have been taking with me to gym to log everything I do. I write down the time I get in and the time I get out, my exercises, set & rep ranges, and rest periods between sets. I find it incredibly useful to have a log/notebook!!! As far as supplements go. For protein shakes I mainly take Syntha-6 or Syntha-6 isolate. Don't really use anything else besides a pre-workout shake which would be jack3d micro or hyperfx for those days where I work 11 hour shifts or when I'm just not feeling the energy. I've been away from creatine for a while now, and those supplements I've listed don't contain creatine or beta-alanine. Reason? Just wanna see how much strength gains I make without it is all. If or when I plateau, I'll probably jump on the creatine train. The new jack3d micro does NOT contain creatine or beta-alanine. Just throwing it out there for those assuming that I was referring to the original forumla.

Current workout split:
Day 1: Chest
Day 2: Back, mid & rear delts
Day 3: Arms, front delts, traps
Day 4: Legs, abs
Day 5: Rest
& then it repeats.

Thanks for reading. Will update more when there's more to update! Tonight is leg day with the girlfriend!


Dat dere chest

July 28, 2012(Left), 143lbs at 16.1% body fat, September 21, 2012(Right), 134lbs at 7.9% body fat. lol thought I was already lean in July..guess not. Love progress..lower abs were finally visible.


Quickie-mini-picture update of the leg session.

The girlfriend hit 100lbs for 15 reps yesterday! & to think that about 3 months back she was 'bitchin just from doing squats without a bar on her back. So damn proud of her for coming so far. :)