Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Training legs & abs 12/11/12

So yesterday I felt like filming my leg & abs training session and sharing my progress. So as said in my previous post, I started my bulk September 27th. However, I unfortunately wasted my first month not keeping track of how much weight I was lifting nor my progress in lifts. On October 19th I decided to start using this notebook I got a while back from to record my lifts and training sessions. Yesterday was Day 54 of recording and logging my lifts into my notebook. I must say guys, keeping track of how much you lift really helped me improve in the gym. My strength for all of lifts has gone up literally in every training session. I'm loving this bulking/surplus/strength gaining phase! Ex: Day 4 of logging was my first logged leg day. 190lbs for 4 sets of 5 on October 22nd. The week before this leg day I was only at 185 for 4 sets of 5. Now I'm at 250lbs for 4 sets of 5 at 146lbs. A 65lbs increase in my squat in 61 days. Still getting stronger every session so can't wait to see where I'll be in the future!! Anyway guys, here's the video. Hope you enjoy it.

Shot from 11/26/12. 2 months into my caloric surplus/bulk phase/whale war

Here's a picture of me from when I was 16(left) and where I am now.(right) I've changed..


  1. Friends never let friends skip leg days :)

  2. Vegata Dang what do you do for a living? Just curious. Do you go to school part time?