Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12/18/12 Back Training

Day 61 of logging. Hit back with my buddy Arnold Hwang. Got a great pump and feel out of it as usual. You'll notice I jerk my body some as I do one arm dumbbell rows, it feels MUCH better than it looks, trust me. When I train I really do focus on a mind-muscle connection. If I don't feel it I wouldn't do it. Anyway, after seeing a picture of my back today I found that I really need to bring out more thickness and lower lats. I plan on adding reverse lat pull downs on my next back session to target the lower lats more. Overall my strength for pull-ups has increased and I've made progress. Although I call it back training, I do add a bit of deltoid work in there. I love hitting rear delts with back day because I feel like they go very well together. I also add lateral raises because I feel like it. lol anyway,

Back training video here:

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