Saturday, May 28, 2011


Back Squats
Warm up:
just the barbell x 10reps,
95lbs 2x10

Work sets:
3 sets w/185lbs: 10, 10, 8(with drop set to 135lbs for 3 reps)
Set 4: 155lbs x 8reps
Set 5: 135lbs x 10reps

Leg extensions
4 Sets plate#60 till failure.


  1. You've been at 185 for a while now. Time to step it up Neil.

  2. Actually I have gone up to a set of 225lbs for 10 reps already. I only went down to experiment with keeping the same weight for 3 sets. I only got the 10 reps with 225 because I jumped into it on my first set. I usually pyramid but I've been experimenting with my approaches on squats. The leg day I had before this I was doing 185 x10, 205 x9, 225 x6 with a drop and another 225 x4 with a drop. Your right though, either way I still gotta step up my squat game. I've been going a lot lower than how I used to go to. I'm currently on my rest week right now because I've been consistent since february and ive read that after being consistent for 3-4 months its good to give the body a break to fully recover. ive started developing stretch marks on my legs, pretty happy about that lol.