Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gym, Tan, Aviators & Aesthetics

I've been trying to enjoy my days off work as best as I can. There's nothing like summer in California. Love living here! Been trying to get my tan on these past few days. Workouts and nutrition has been going pretty well. Started 5/3/1 program also!

Love that I have a pool right outside my room!

Lat spread from my back day. 07/22/12

Enjoying the sunny day. 07/23/12 Photo by Genevieve. :)

& here is a video of my back workout with my younger brother Phyman Dang.

Week 2 Month 1 of 5/3/1 program for me. Week 2 Month 3 of 5/3/1 for Phyman. 12 weeks out before Phyman Dang's first competition for INBA Clash of the Natural Champions(ages 13-17 division), which will be on Oct 13, 2012. This video is not a HOW-TO. It is just for those interested to see what I'm doing and how I do it. You can do whatever YOU want to do & I'll do whatever I want to do. :) Different things work for different people.

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