Sunday, July 29, 2012

Logging macro, deadlift day, & random pic

Ryu and Phyman's 3rd Cycle(3rd month) of 5/3/1 Week 3
Neil's 1st cycle/1st month of 5/3/1 Week 3

Ryu: 360lbs x 2 reps
Phyman: 320lbs x 2 reps
Neil : 320lbs x 7 reps

This is NOT a how to video. This is for us to log and learn from ourselves. We're just sharing our progress.

Great back workout today. Hit 320lbs deadlift for 7 total reps on my 1+ set of deadlifts..pretty far from a 1+ set.

Macros for the day:

- Calories: 2,157
Carbs: 260
Fat: 48

*07/30/12 macros


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